About Us

Red Sun Information Systems is a veteran-owned, information systems consulting firm. We assist businesses in the research, strategy, and implementation of technologies and services through the application of open-source technology, research, standards, and methodologies.


Our purpose is to provide technical and organizational solutions and training that augment SMBs, non-profit organizations, enterprises, and government organizations. Our services are technical consulting implementations based on open standards. To put it simple, we use open standards and frameworks to formalize your business processes, implement COTS/FOSS products, and improve efficiency through systems-based automation and reporting.


We provide Information Technology Strategy, Business Intelligence, and Cybersecurity Training Consulting Services. Red Sun consists of a transnational team of technical professionals from multiple fields. We approach problems through an interdisciplinary, holistic perspective and work hard to help your organization to fulfill its goals!


We are a certified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB).

Our Mission

Red Sun Information Systems stays on the cutting edge of technology in order to help organizations make the transition from older methodologies to newer, advanced practices. We offer Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management solutions; Business Intelligence (OSINT) services; and our own Information and Cybersecurity Training focused on helping non-technical employees understand the complexity of our current information / cybersecurity threat environment.

Our solutions are based on industry best practices to include The Open Group Architecture Framework 9.0, BPMNv2, National Institute of Standards and Technology SP 800 Series, and is informed by the academic studies and professional experience of our personnel.

We use a process of continuous improvement and implementation, allowing for businesses to dynamically change their organizational postures without jeopardizing their operations. We work to develop specific solutions to satisfy niche use cases for each customer.

Our Vision

Red Sun Information Systems is dedicated to helping private sector and government organizations to develop and implement the best IT strategies for our clients. We empower them to adapt to new paradigms in organizational delivery of services and operations.

We use our own proprietary methodologies to identify business processes and align their needs to satisfy system requirements. Through a method of continuous data gathering, planning, and process improvement, businesses are able to transform their IT operations:

  • Improving their systems uptime,
  • Creating comprehensive Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery policies and processes, and;
  • Increasing the availability of information in the office and from remote work locations.

If you have more questions about this methodology, please see our whitepaper here:

Open-source research and analysis

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