Who We Are

Red Sun Information Systems is a veteran-owned, information systems consulting firm. We assist businesses in the research, strategy, and implementation of technologies and services through the application of open-source technology, research, standards, and methodologies.


Our purpose is to provide technical and organizational solutions and training that augment SMBs, non-profit organizations, enterprises, and government organizations. Our services are technical consulting implementations based on open standards and best practices. To put it simple, we use open standards and frameworks to formalize your business processes, implement COTS/FOSS products, and improve efficiency through systems-based automation and reporting. If a solution does not currently exist, we can help you to design and develop it!


We provide Information Technology Strategy, Application Prototyping and Development, and Cybersecurity Training Consulting Services. Red Sun consists of a team of technical professionals from multiple disciplines. We approach problems through an interdisciplinary, systems-based perspective and work hard to help your organization to fulfill its goals!


We are proud to be a certified Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB).

Our Mission

Utilize 4th Industrial Revolution technologies and techniques to enhance organizations’ ability to actively participate in the global economy and society, effectively and securely.

Our Vision

To be an agent of technological change and driving force for the diffusion of open source technologies to Small and Medium Business and Government.