Application Development Solutions

Organizations sometimes do not have direct access to COTS/FOSS solutions that satisfy their business requirements. Alternatively, organizations may have a new idea that they want to consider or to solve a pre-existing problem. Finally, organizations also sometimes have systems that need to interface, but are not sure how. In these cases, Red Sun can help. We approach each problem in a formulaic way, but every implementation is focused on satisfying explicit business requirements:

The Development Cycle

Phase I: Requirements Generation / Planning- In the initial phase, and organizational leaders work with our consultants to define both the problem, business requirements to mitigate the problem, and scope of the application’s functions. Proper planning allows decision-making that reduces risk and increase Return On Investment. In addition to scoping the project, budgeting appropriately is very important. This phase will also set the pace for the rest of the project. It is a crucial phase.

Phase II: System Analysis – During this phase, consultants will work with various personnel in order to identify the people, processes, and technology. By seeing how information flows through the system and how various components interface, we begin to understand how the system and the problem fit together.

Phase III: Design – This phase helps us to design the implementation of the application or integration based on industry standards as well as solutions that fit into your existing socio-technical environment. Design will take the inputs of the system analysis and problem sets and create explicit, logical steps that are required to provide a solution or create an integration for the existing business requirement.

Phase IV: Development – During this phase, consultants begin writing code or implementing a specific technology in order to provide a solution based on the design documentation created in the previous phase.

Phase V: Testing & Deployment – Prior to deploying the solution into the business environment, our consultants will run the solution in the test environment, looking for errors or edge cases. Once tested properly integration into the system will occur.

Phase VI: Quality Assurance and Maintenance – Quality Assurance is the continuous process of evaluation and feedback between organizational leadership and the technical team. Through continuous engagement and maintenance of the application/integration, businesses ensure their systems will function as intended.