Business Intelligence Solutions

Business Intelligence at is a continuous process focused on informing leadership within the organization of information that helps them make decisions in a timely way that reduces risk and increases return on investment. As one set of questions is answered and a decision is made, more questions will arise. Red Sun follows the basic intelligence cycle based on both industry and government best practices. The Intelligence Cycle appears as follows:

Figure 1-1: Red Sun Information Systems Business Intelligence Cycle based on the DNI’s Intelligence Process, OODA Loop, and OSINT Methodologies

The Intelligence Cycle

Phase I: Requirements Generation – In the initial phase, and organizational leaders work with project manager’s to identify Requests For Information (RFIs). RFI’s are based on the information an organization needs to successfully make a decision. Good decision-making should reduce risk and increase Return On Investment.

Phase II: Data Collection and Warehousing – During this phase, intelligence analysts will utilize a standardized set of both sources (where the data is coming from) and methods (how they collect and record data) to create a “data warehouse”.

Phase III: Processing and Exploitation – This phase takes the raw data from the data warehouse and transforms it to be used for analysis and production. During the analysis phase, organizational context is combined with warehoused data to create information. Information is just data with a specific context. This is what makes the data collected useful to the organization. Oftentimes for technical systems, this is the stage in which “Unstructured Data” (unorganized data), is turned into “Structured Data”.

Phase IV: Analysis and Production – Information processed in Phase III is then analyzed and used to create production-ready intelligence. At this point, data is mined, given context, analyzed, and extrapolated to meet decisionmaker’s RFI requirements. The intelligence products are stored in a location available to the organizational leadership.

Phase V: Intelligence Integration and Delivery – This is the “Reporting Phase”. Information is finally turned into production ready intelligence for consumption by organizational decisionmakers. This information can be “pushed” (disseminated through various methods) or “pulled” (available via requests made through an interface).

Continuous Feedback: Quality Assurance – Quality Assurance is the continuous process of evaluation and feedback between organizational leadership and intelligence analysts. Through continuous engagement, intelligence products better support RFI’s and lead to enhanced, timely business decisions.

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